Jingyang Lin

3504 Wegmans Hall

University of Rochester

Rochester, NY 14627


I am a second-year Ph.D. student at University of Rochester, advised by Prof. Jiebo Luo. Before that, I received the B.Eng. degree in software engineering and M.Sc. degree in computational mathematics all from the Sun Yat-sen University, supervised by Prof. Hongyang Chao. I also worked as a research intern at JD AI Research, co-advised by Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Ting Yao, and Dr. Tao Mei.

My research focuses on machine learning and computer vision, especially in vision-and-language, video analysis, health care, self-supervised learning, and out-of-distribution analysis.


May. 2023 One paper is accepted by ICDH 2023.
Sep. 2022 One paper is accepted by NeurIPS 2022.
Jun. 2022 One paper is accepted by TPAMI.
Sep. 2021 One paper is accepted by NeurIPS 2021.


* indicates equal contribution

VideoXum: Cross-modal Visual and Textural Summarization of Videos
Jingyang Lin*, Hang Hua*, Ming Chen, Yikang Li, Jenhao Hsiao, Chiuman Ho, Jiebo Luo
Predicting Adverse Neonatal Outcomes for Preterm Neonates with Multi-Task Learning
Jingyang Lin, Junyu Chen, Hanjia Lyu, Igor Khodak, Divya Chhabra, Colby L Day Richardson, Irina Prelipcean, Andrew M Dylag, Jiebo Luo
IEEE International Conference on Digital Health. ICDH 2023.
Out-of-Distribution Detection via Conditional Kernel Independence Model
Yu Wang, Jingjing Zou, Jingyang Lin, Qing Ling, Yingwei Pan, Ting Yao, Tao Mei
Neural Information Processing Systems. NeurIPS 2022.
[PDF] [Code] Spotlight Presentation
Out-of-Distribution Detection with Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Optimization
Jingyang Lin, Yu Wang, Qi Cai, Yingwei Pan, Ting Yao, Hongyang Chao, Tao Mei
[PDF] [Code]
A Low Rank Promoting Prior for Contrastive Learning
Yu Wang, Jingyang Lin, Qi Cai, Yingwei Pan, Ting Yao, Hongyang Chao, Tao Mei
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. TPAMI 2021.
[PDF] [Code]
Improving Self-supervised Learning with Automated Unsupervised Outlier Arbitration
Yu Wang, Jingyang Lin, Jingjing Zou, Yingwei Pan, Ting Yao, Tao Mei
Neural Information Processing Systems. NeurIPS 2021.
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CORE-Text: Improving Scene Text Detection with Contrastive Relational Reasoning
Jingyang Lin, Yingwei Pan, Rongfeng Lai, Xuehang Yang, Hongyang Chao, Ting Yao
IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo. ICME 2021.
[PDF] [Code] Oral Presentation
Improving Fast Segmentation With Teacher-student Learning
Jiafeng Xie, Bing Shuai, Jian-Fang Hu, Jingyang Lin, Wei-Shi Zheng
British Machine Vision Conference. BMVC 2018.


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